Saturday, May 31, 2014

What Can I Say ...

I am trying to get notice through my writing. I figure if I write something on my blog as often as possible. Someone will read it and comment. Eventually.

It's good practice to write because the more I do it the more good at I will become. I'm excited about getting this book published.  That will be an accomplishment in itself. I have another novel in works too. The Wedding Dress, this is about ...

Ah on second thought I think I'll wait on that story until this is published or at least forward to the publisher. Doesn't make sense to rush out there with too many things at one time. Right now I just need feedback from  The Chase. This lets me know how I'm doing, if changes need to be made. I welcome a nice critique I mean say it like you mean it, only be nice about it.

I must say I am my own worse critic. I keep revising and revising adding taking away, fine tuning it. I am doing self-publishing so you that takes money. In the meantime I keep polishing my story.

Here is another excerpt of The Chase.

The chief, a tall stern white man approached the reporter with a look of
apprehension and dismay bracing himself for the onslaught of questions to come.

“Chief Chambers. Are you able tell us exactly what happened?” The reporter asks.

“A bomb exploited sometime this morning we don’t have a whole lot to go on at
this time it‘s too early to tell.

“I see. Chief, can you tell us if anyone else was in the house?”

“So far no other bodies have been found at this time other than the deceased.”

“There have been reports that it’s Grant Williams, are you able to confirmed that
for us Chief?”

“At this time we are not exactly sure if it’s Mr. Williams. Until a medical
examiner performs an autopsy we won’t know for sure. As of right now we have not
release such report.” .

“Thanks Chief for taking the time to share that update with us ... As you have just
heard yourself it is not certain who the deceased is; we now turn our attention to police Lt. Chris Busby...sir, you just heard the Chief say it was a bomb planted in Mr. Williams
home. Can you tell us, if there are any leads or suspects yet?” The reporter asked
extending the microphone to the officer for a response.

“Not at this time, we will be conducting a thorough investigation as to the cause
and see why someone would commit such a heinous crime. We’re asking for the public
assistance if anyone know anything about this, please come forward. Your identity will
be protected. We can use any help in solving this case.”

“Have Mr. Williams family been notified yet?” The reporter asked.

“That I'm not sure about, if they haven't, I'm sure they will be once we can
identify the deceased as Mr. Williams.”

“Thanks Lt. Busby, our hearts and prayers go out to Mr. Williams family and
Love- ones.”

The reporter ended her segment turning the news back over to the studio for additional news coverage.

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  1. I just keep plugging away at my computer. Encouraging myself not to give up.