Tuesday, October 29, 2013

New Beginnings ...


This is my very first blog. I am writing a new novel titled the Chase. I figure I should write a blog to get exposure and feedback in regards to this new venture of mine. It's also a way of introducing myself to the world of writing.

The Chase is about two brothers who happened to be identical twins. Grant and Grayson Williams. The story starts in Grayson's hometown of Washington D.C. where he meets MiKayla. She is running from a murder scene she witness in an alley.  Grayson the gentleman that he is offers his assistance unbeknownst to him just how much danger there really is. Both are now being pursued.
Grayson is dating Jana a powerful attorney who is awaiting his arrival for dinner, but he never shows.

Across several states Grant resides in Dallas, Texas where he is the president of Williams Enterprise, Inc. Both men are powerful and strong in their own right. Grayson enlist his brother help to put an end to the chase. Below is an excerpt. Keep in mind I've never written before, this story is still in its development stages.

I can’t believe this is happening … Jana frown mumbling to herself.
“Ms. Simmons, you say something?” Michelle, her secretary waited patiently in the doorway of her boss’s office.
“Oh, excuse me just thinking out loud.” She said smoothing lines on her forehead.
“You had me worried for a moment. I’ll be back with that cup of coffee for you.”
“Thanks, Oh’ Michelle, would you get the Ramsey’s case file for me?  Thank you.”
“Sure, no problem.” She said as she made her exit from the room.
It’s Monday morning around the office and brunch time 10:15am already. To Jana her day is not off to a good start. Grayson had not called her since last Friday. It’s not like him to be a no-show and not call. Even though she knew it was not deliberate non-the-less, it still annoyed her somewhat. What happen Saturday? Jana didn’t know. She tried reaching him by his cell phone several times over the weekend to no avail. Not even a call back. That’s the odd thing about it. She thought.
Michelle appeared with a coffee mug in one hand, the case file in the other.
“Jana, Mr. Brinkley, your 10:30 appointment is waiting for you. And don’t forget the one o’clock partners meeting in conference room A.”  She reminded her.
“Oh, that’s right. I totally forgot. Thanks for reminding me.” Jana said accepting the coffee and file from her.
Jana Simmons, a high powered criminal defense attorney for Bartle's, Bonds and Davidson law firm; is the third female, in the law firm’s history to make it up the ranks. Her case loads consist of corporate people in high places and heinous crime lords. She surpasses her predecessors going up for partnership earlier in three years than the customary law firm requirements. Very much in demand. She stays busy; therefore when she makes plans as in the case with her and Grayson she expects those plans to be carried through. Meanwhile she pushed Grayson to the back of her mind to focus on business currently at hand.
She stood up to brush out the wrinkles from her skirt, then went to greet her appointment for this morning.
“Michelle she buzzed. Please send Mr. Brinkley in please.”
“Will do.” She could hear Michelle telling him to go in.
Jana extended her hand in greeting to the seventy-something year old looking man ushering him into her office.
“Please have a seat sir, may I have Michelle get you a cup of coffee or tea?”
“Yes please coffee would be nice, preferably black.” replied the man with the crusty old voice
“Sure.”  Jana turned to Michelle who was already on her way to fetch the requested coffee.
“Michelle will you get another cup of black coffee please”

“Yes ma’am.” 
“So Mr. Brinkley how can I help you sir?”

Putting on appearance of being cool and calm however, he was anything but calm. His hands were unsteady a little shaky at best. When Michelle came back with his cup of coffee he shook so bad it spilled over. Gently, she remove the cup from his hands to place it on the desk.

“I’m sorry” he mumble.

“Not a problem, I’ll get that later you go ahead talk to Ms. Simmons.” Michelle said before leaving closing the door behind her.

“You must promise anything I say to you will not leave this office Ms. Simmons.” Said Mr. Brinkley returning his attention to business at hand.

“Well, I can’t promise anything if you’re not my client. Now on the hand if you’re hiring me I can promise what we discuss will remain confidential. If I take you on as a client that is; right now you’re not a client ... She finished.

Well this made him even more nervous small beads of sweat began to form on his forehead; which Jana observed.

“Mr. Brinkley are you okay sir? There’s no reason to be nervous.” Jana told him.

“You don’t understand. I think I need an attorney.”

“Okay, why do you think you need an attorney?” Jana asked skeptically

“Because I’ve been hired to kill the president of the United States.” He said blandly.

“Okay Mr. Brinkley. I don’t have time for this” Jana said angrily standing she came around her desk to escort Mr. Brinkley out.

“This is serious you cannot come in here saying something like that. You could be arrested on the spot.” She continued

Mr. Brinkley stood too; he didn’t say anything more instead he came towards Jana thrusting a note in her hand. Silently he put his finger to his lips an indication to Jana not to speak. The note read: It’s not the president who will be killed. It’s your boyfriend Grayson Williams.

Not deterred but rather upset Jana raised her voice at the man.

“Is this some kind of sick joke of yours?”
Outraged would not have been the word to describe the anger that emanated.
Jana became livid. She reached her office door swiftly yanking it open for Mr. Brinkley to exit.

If looks could kill Mr. Brinkley would be dead. She had turned a shade of red that could set off rockets at an Independence Day Parade.

Mr. Brinkley simply stared at her before speaking very softly …
“Please, calm down Ms. Simmons” He asked
“No! I want you out of my office right now.” Michelle she called out but she was not at her desk.
“Ms. Simmons, I will ask you one more time to calm down and sit down.” He said sternly.

 Sudden nervous timid Mr. Brinkley became authoritative and in control. Again with a finger at his lips he silenced her. He turned and went back into the room taking the seat he vacated.

Jana reluctantly; closed the door she glanced down at the crumpled note in her hand and look back at Mr. Brinkley whom seemed to be patiently waiting. Without another word Jana removed her jacket to hang it on the coat rack then stomped back to her seat behind her desk. 

“Fine, what is this about?
“It’s about your gentleman friend Grayson Williams and his lady friend.”  He said.
“What lady friend and what about Grayson?” Jana knew to be evasive she would
not willing voluntary any information especially since she had none to give anyway.

"Have you heard from him?”

“Why, who wants to know?” She challenged

“Look, I’m losing my patience with you.” Mr. Brinkley shouted.

“And I lost mine with you ten minutes ago, you don’t scare me. I want answers and I want them now … you pathetic little prick.” She mumbled under her breath.

Jana became more than fed up with this game Mr. Brinkley was playing. He didn’t know who he was messing with …he picked the wrong woman to toy with today; of all days she was PMSing too. Not to mention she had not heard from Grayson since the last time they talked two days ago. But she wasn’t about to tell that to him.

Jana had people in high places too she was not backing down. At least not until she got some answers.

“Ms. Simmons or should I call you Jana” ask Mr. Brinkley

“Ms. Simmons will do. We’re not friends” Jana fired back.

He took a deep breath to calm himself from jumping across the desk at her.

Mr. Brinkley didn’t look so little anymore. All of sudden he look like a giant of man who spoke more confidently as man with a mission.

“Okay, Ms. Simmons your friend Grayson Williams. Where is he?”

“I don’t know. I have not heard from him.”

Mr. Brinkley nodded his head as to say okay. It’s been 48hours now and still no word from Grayson. Inwardly, Jana felt annoyed and hurt that he hadn’t called her. Not wanting to think negatively she kept telling herself something must have happened. Otherwise he would have called she rationalized.

Drew Brinkley stared at her more closely waiting for an explanation. When none was forth-coming he made one for her.

“I believe he’s in trouble and have not called you so as not to involve you.” He spoke softly.

“Well if you knew this why questioned me? Why come here at all? You mention he had a lady friend but you haven’t told me anything. So I’ll ask you again. What is exactly going on?”

“Alright Ms. Simmons here it is in a nutshell there’s a hit out on Grayson Williams.” He told her without a blink.

This small bit of information didn’t deter Jana at all. She still didn’t believe him; but must admit the news was disturbing just the same. Wanting to maintain her decorum she calmly ask.

“And how do you know this?”

“Because I have been hired to kill him?”

Jana gasped in horror nervously she ran a hand through her hair an unconscious movement she does under stress. Now that he had her full attention she lost the attitude. He went on further to explain.

“I’m the bodyguard of a prominent senator that we shall keep nameless” He added quickly before she could form her lips to ask who.

Jana took a deep breath not sure what to say to this. She got up to pour herself a cup of coffee. With steady hands she took a sip before returning her attention back to the man sitting a few feet away from her.

“I’m not sure what to make of all this Mr. Brinkley. However, when you came in here you said you needed an attorney? Was that true or where you just saying that to get my attention?”

“No, that’s true. Someone is trying to kill me now and I think it’s because Mr. Williams and Ms. Thompson are still alive.” He said soberly.

“Who is this Ms. Thompson person?” Jana ask standing near the glass picture window of her high-rise office looking out at the mid-day traffic.

“That’s the woman Mr. Williams is with right now.” He said stiffly. Her body language spoke volumes. But he played it safe.

Jana gave him a contemptuous look before taking her seat once again. She had long ago removed her jacket after spending her morning with him; formality went out the window some time ago.

“What do you know about them?” She wanted to know.

“First, I need to know if you would take my case. I can’t take a chance revealing pertinent information that could get us both kill.”

Drew was hoping she would say yes. At least someone would know what’s going on in the event of his untimely death.

“Yes, I’ll take your case.” Jana conceded

“There is a hit out on both of them. The woman, Ms. Thompson witnessed a murder Friday
evening as she leaving work. I don’t know how much she saw or heard. But as she was running to get away from these men, Mr. Williams nearly hit with his car. I’m not sure how much she told him. But they are now on the run.”

“Oh my god. I can’t believe it. Oh my… so how do I know you’re not looking for them yourself, after all you were sent to kill them? How do I know I could trust anything you say?” Jana openly expressed her thoughts. She didn’t know how much to believe.

“You don’t know…you’ll have to trust me just as I have to trust you.”
With that Drew Brinkley stood his time here had come to an end. He had other matters to attend too.
“You’ll receive a package later today by special delivery for you to sign only.” He said before walking out closing the door quietly behind him.

Jana stood gathering her purse and jacket off the coat rack. She told Michelle on her way out that she would be gone the rest of the day. Instructing her take messages and cancelled all her meetings the rest of the day.

“But what about the partner’s meeting?”
“Oh I forgot” she said stopping midstride. “Let them know something came up. I’ll explain when I return tomorrow.”  She left in a hurry.

Drew Brinkley rode the elevator to the basement alone. By the time it stop the fake mustache, beard and suit he wore during his meeting with Jana had been removed; emerging from the elevator  is the infamous Sam Malone.



  1. This is an Awesome Story and Yes I will be interested in reading more and purchasing your book.

  2. Thanks for your support. I will keep you post as soon as I have a published date.

  3. Real good... I could see this being a movie.

  4. Nice start. Has the potential to be a good page turner.

  5. Thanks for your feedback. I'm in the midst of editing some things. I hope you follow the blog for any updates.