Saturday, January 14, 2017

Starting over ...

Okay, it's been a few years since I last posted. Would you believe my computer crashed. I mean it shut completely down. Therefore I could not write like I prefer; on the computer. Besides, I was not in a position to get another one for over a year. And for that my sincere apologies.

Moving forward. I'm back now! I must say I have learned some interesting things about writing. First lesson learned 'BACK UP YOUR FILES'. If I'm to take this career seriously and become a author, I need to take all precautions. Lessoned learned!

However, I'm glad I didn't get published because truthfully I was not ready. I mean who am I kidding? You know, how we get anxious that we want so badly to get our name out there as a full fledge bonafide, author? All we care about is getting published. While that's great and all, but I would like to have readers too.  I mean who wouldn't?

Well I'm here now and my novel 'The Chase' is still in the making. Remember, I didn't have the computer. But I did write something on paper. The key is to write. Write like there is no tomorrow. Just write, write, write. I figure if I can just write something. It's better than not writing anything if I want to be taken seriously. So I digress.

What I have done is posted a new chapter of my book below for your review. Please feel free to critique, leave your comments below. I'm open to improvement to better myself as a writer. I will do some editing later. I just want to get a feel or opinion of others. Thank you.


The Chase by R.D. Sharpe


Grayson Williams ~

The weather outside as predicted by the weatherman is suppose to be nice and sunny. But instead it's raining cats and dogs. Grayson smiled to himself at the expression his mother often stated to him and his brother when they were kids; way back when.

Fiddling around in his pants pocket he felt the square box which held a beautiful diamond ring. A marquis diamond cut to be exact. In hopes to propose this weekend to his gorgeous girlfriend of two years. He would like for everything to be perfect for the occasion that also included the weather. Well it's early yet things may change by later this evening he hoped.

On that last thought he prepared to make his exit for the evening shutting down his computer, adjusting and re-arranging papers on this desk.  Aligning his name plate Grayson Williams.  He made one final check of his office before locking up for the weekend. As the Pentagon’s Chief Executive, his duties required him to keep confidential matters under tight security. He left quietly closing the door securely behind.

In the sanctuary of his car he sat for a minute or two gathering himself together. Key in the ignition the Mercedes purred to life. Grayson slowly maneuvered around the employee covered parking lot. Employees in haste scramble to their cars, those in line sat bumper to bumper making it difficult to get out in time before rush hour traffic. It was not a major concern for him at the moment. He and his girlfriend Jana, of the past year and half still have plenty of time to make it up state New York. When he made out of the garage he took the streets driving towards I-395. He pride himself being a very skillful driver compared to women. But a brief glance from the road caused him to miss his turn.

Grayson veered suddenly to the left in time to avoid hitting a female pedestrian jay walking across the street. Brakes locked up from him suddenly slamming so hard he hit his head on the steering wheel. He didn't notice the gash on his forehead oozing with blood.  His concern was for the pedestrian he almost hit.

Grayson got out the car immediately running to the woman’s aid.

“Goodness!, I’m so sorry I didn’t see you! Are you alright?” He inquired genuinely checking her over making sure she was okay.

“I’m fine, no harm done.” Said the soft spoken beauty. Her concern is the men behind her that kept her looking back over her should as though expecting to see them. A bit disheveled, a little shaken from a near miss of his bumper, other than that she look fine.

“Are you sure?” Grayson asked again visibly shaken himself. He released her arm which he didn’t have much choice. She appeared anxious to get away from him. He certainly hadn’t seen the woman; had no idea where she came from though she did look familiar to him.

The woman appeared to be frightened more than anything. Grayson did not want to leave her alone, so he offered to give her a ride. She decline.

“No I really need to get going, thank you.” She said before disappearing between a two parked cars on the side streets. Standing erect at six feet four inches, he watch motionless as she scurried away. His cell vibrated against his hip. Jana’s phone number appeared. To his dismay he got back in his car.

“Hey babe” He answered.

“Hi sweetheart, are you stuck in traffic?” She asked.

“Not quite.” He replied rubbing the back of his neck.

“Oh, have you left your office?” Jana inquired futher.

“Yes, but I ran into someone so I’m a little behind schedule.” Not feeling the need to go into details Grayson told her enough to satisfy her curiosity.

“Well I’m running behind schedule myself. I have not left work yet, but I should be home about seven-thirty.” She told him glancing at her watch.

“Okay. The traffic will die down by then. I’ll see you between seven-thirty and eight.”

“I’m looking forward to it. I could really use this break.”

“Yeah me too. I’ll see you in few minutes baby.” He said before ringing off. On the road again his mind focused on his driving. Until he began thinking about Jana.

A vision of beauty he began to recall the first time they met over two years ago at a charity function. It was a first for him, but Jana often attended these yearly galas. As an attorney working for a prestigious law firm in downtown D.C. Jana is not only smart, but talented she favored among her peers; is fondly known as a petite powerhouse.

She holds a law degree from Yale and has won many of her court cases over the nine years since becoming an attorney. Grayson had been introduced to her by one of his co-workers and the two hit it off. Not quite sure of her feelings about dating a black man. He got up the nerve and took a chance inviting her out six months later. The two have been inseparable ever since. Adrenalin pumping through his vain. Not, only is it unexpected, he is looking forward seeing the surprise look on her face. Just thinking about it brought a smile to his lips. Jan had come to mean so much to him.

 He went several blocks when it occurred to him that the women he almost hit may be in trouble.
Maneuvering the Mercedes along he made a U-turn. For some reason she still played on his mind not too mention she seemed oddly familiar to him. He spotted her a block over on the next street climbing into a black Mazda CX-7. He slowed down to watch her for a few minutes making sure she was okay. She still had not started her car engine. He wandered if she was having mechanical problems.

From his vantage point she appear to be crying. Shifting the Mercedes in gear, Grayson move to go in her direction, but two men beat him to her. They came from the other side. He couldn’t make out what they were saying to her. But he could see something shiny like a gun in the hand of one the men. The woman slowly exit from the vehicle escorted by the two men to their car. Not giving it a second thought Grayson hit the gas pedal speeding towards the men. Horn blaring, lights flashing  both men jumped. Scaring the be-jeebus out them; one of the men drop his gun. The other let go of the woman to grab his gun from its holster hidden under the breast pocket of his jacket.

But not before Grayson yelled out to the woman “Get in!.”

She quickly got in … he sped off before she could close the door good. To lose the men in the chase hoping they weren’t being followed. Grayson took side roads and back streets where he ended up on Constitution Avenue. Checking the review mirror every few second.

At one point Grayson glanced her way. “Do you know those men?” He finally asked.

“No, I don’t. Thank you for what you’ve done.”

“No problem, I make it my business to rescue pretty women. It’s all in a days work.” He joked in an effort to lighten the mood.

Trembling uncontrollably now hot tears streamed down her face. Without a word he leaned over to reached into the glove compartment. Removing a small box of Kleenex tissues, Grayson gently placed the box on her lap.

“Okay, I think it’s time you tell me what’s going on … by the way do we know each other?” He asked unexpectedly. A feeling of dejavu came over him; he had the distinct feeling he knew her or the very least have met her somewhere before.

“We met several years ago. I thought you look familiar to me too. I’m sorry about all this. I’m MiKayla Thompson. I don’t know those men, but I saw them earlier.”

They were still riding along.  Grayson had not a clue as to where to they was going. The men were not following them. But that didn’t mean it was safe to go back to her car.

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